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Unique Uses For A Vacuum Sealer

A lot of people are unaware of the things you can vacuum seal. Most people hear the word "vacuum seal" and instantly think about vacuum sealing meat or leftovers. Yes, vacuum sealing your meat is important, but that is not the only use there is for a vacuum sealer.

We have put together a list of unique ways you can use your vacuum sealer.

Unique uses for your vacuum sealer

Food Storage

By now you may know that a vacuum sealer is great for food storage. Not only can you use it to store food in your freezer, but there are lots of things you can store in different ways using your SaveSealer!

You can easily save money by buying food in bulk and storing it. You can break down large bulk purchases of flour, spices, coffee beans, rice, and more into our vacuum seal bags and store them in bulk. 

We all love something sweet, right? But what to do if you can't finish the entire chocolate slab at once? Well, you store your leftover chocolate slab in a vacuum sealing bag and finish it later on. 

Food preparation

Steaks and Vegetables - You can easily marinate your steaks and vegetables in our Savesealer Silicone Bags or Vacuum Seal Bags. You can store the marinated meat or vegetables in the bag in your fridge until it's ready to be cooked.

Salad mixes - With a vacuum sealer, you can create salad mixes and store them in a Savesealer Silicone Bags or a Vacuum Seal Bags for meal-prepped lunches every day. This is great for organizing your fridge, but will also keep your salad mix fresher for longer.

Leftovers - Leftovers are probably the most famous vacuum-sealing products out there. But the fact is, instead of storing plastic containers to send leftovers home with your kids or visitors, you can use portion-sized vacuum-sealed bags to store the food. Send your kids or visitors home with a meal in hand, and no one has to remember to return a dish filled!

Household Storage

Did you know you don't have to vacuum seal only food, you can vacuum seal other things like silverware or jewelry? Oh yes, you can!

Store silverware - If you don't have a proper silver chest to keep your silverware in, you can consider placing your silverware in a cloth, and then you can vacuum seal it. Not only does the vacuum sealing keep air out, but it also becomes easier to store your precious silverware. 

You should make sure you use a silver cloth or other thin, soft cloth to wrap the silverware. The will prevent putting too much pressure on the vacuum bag. If there is too much pressure on the vacuum bag with non-food products, your vacuum bag may break. You can even double bag it if you'd like more protection.

Jewelry - Just as you would store your silverware, you can also store your jewelry. Start by wrapping your jewelry in a protective cloth. After you wrapped your jewelry, you can vacuum seal it to keep it free from entanglement and damage in storage.

Game & puzzle pieces - This is a fun one. Remember those times as a kid when you wanted to build puzzles but some pieces were missing? Well, guess what, by vacuum sealing your puzzle pieces after each building session, you can prevent your pieces from going missing. Not only will this keep the pieces together, but you can easily store your puzzles and games in an organized manner.

Other unique uses for a vacuum sealer

DIY Reusable Gel Ice Packs - You can create your own homemade ice packs! Start by mixing 3 parts water with 1 part rubbing alcohol into a vacuum seal bag. Then use the seal function to close it. You will no longer have to worry about the zippered bag coming part or not having a n ice pack at hand. You can refreeze the bags as needed. 

Create MRE's - Going on a camping trip with friends or a hiking session, may require you to have a ready to eat meal at hand. Well, your 'Meals ready to eat', don't have to be like those from the military. You can vacuum seal foods together in a waterproof pouch and this will make storing a little easier.