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Vacuum Wine Stopper
Vacuum Wine Stopper

Vacuum Wine Stopper

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Now you can have it all- no hassle, reduced waste, and delicious taste!

Now you can have it all- no hassle, reduced waste, and delicious taste!

Nothing is More Heartbreaking Than having to Toss a High-Quality Wine

We’ve all been go to pour yourself a glass of that 15-year-old burgundy, pull out the stopper, but hopes fall as flat as the taste after that first sip. That’s because typical wine stoppers don’t seal out oxygen properly, so your good wines are gonna go bad fast. SaveSealer solves the problem with their award-winning airtight vacuum seal. Put in the stopper, suck out oxygen, and wine stays crisp and flavorful up to 7 days later.

The SaveSealer Wine Stopper is perfect for any and all types of wine - red or white, merlot or cabernet!

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100% quality materials
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Easy to use
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Never absorbs odors

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“If you love wine and don’t have this stopper- you’re missing out!”

“The difference in wine quality is amazing.”

“So this was the secret to good wine all along?”

“So simple and works like a charm!”

The Wine Connoisseurs Secret Weapon for Freshness & Flavor


Non-toxic materials protect your wine from harmful chemicals usually found in plastic.


Works like a typical wine stopper, just stick it in the bottle, suck out air, and store it.


You’ll reduce wine waste and save money on those pricey bottles of wine.

The Amazing Benefits of an Airtight Seal

At SaveSealer, we’re all about the little details that make a world of difference in the kitchen. For the humble wine stopper, by applying our innovative vacuum seal technology, you can enjoy your favorite vino for days without the taste going flat. And that’s not all. A 100% airtight seal means that you can lay the bottle sideways in your fridge without any leaking.

Now you can have it all- no hassle, reduced waste, and delicious taste!

SaveSealer Vacuum Wine Stopper
Helps With:

Freshness & Flavor

A glass of flat wine after work is a total buzzkill, but a stopper with an airtight seal keeps wine pristine up to a week.


Just plug up your wine bottle like a cork, and store it in the fridge with confidence.

Saving Money

Your wallet sheds a tear every time you have to pour out that expensive wine. With SaveSealer, you get to savor that bottle until the very last drop.

Keep Wine Fresh for up to 7 Days With the SaveSealer Vacuum Wine Stopper



Smart, Zero Waste Kitchen Technology 

Sustainable Design

Non-toxic materials are safe for your health and durable for years of use.

Flavor Guarantee

It never compromises your wine, never alters the taste, and never absorbs odors.

Toothbrush product


Unlike other reusable wine corks that leak, we’ve designed ours to create an airtight seal every time. This means you can confidently store that bottle sideways in the fridge.

Easy Clean

Our airtight wine stopper can be washed in your sink or dishwasher to make maintenance a breeze.

Join 152,498 People Who Are Reducing Waste & Saving Money



People are raving about the SaveSealer Vacuum Wine Stopper because they can taste the difference immediately. Skeptical? Just ask our fans- 100,000+ customers and counting prefer SaveSealer’s airtight design to other stoppers.

Your happiness is our priority, which is why we offer a money back guarantee. If your unused and unaltered SaveSealer is in its original packaging, we will accept returns within 30 days of the date you received it. Within 3-5 business days, your funds will be returned to you.

Cindy Wilkinson,President

It’s Wine O’Clock...Every Day of the Week!

Make your bottle of pinot last all week long without sacrificing taste or freshness.





The SaveSealer Vacuum Wine Stopper Keeps Oxygen Out

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